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Window Tinting Training

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Window Tinting Training

The demand for automotive window tint installation is skyrocketing, driven by a growing awareness of the numerous protective and aesthetic advantages it offers. More and more vehicle owners are becoming well-informed about the benefits of window films, which effectively tackle issues such as sun damage, personal well-being, safety, and security.

Window Tinting Training & Equipment

  • 2 Days of Window Tinting Training
  • Window Tint Kit Included
  • Pre-Installation Preparation
  • Pattern Preparation for Side Glass
  • Installation to Side Glass
  • Pattern Preparation for Rear Windows
  • Installation to Rear Windows
  • Final Inspection – Trouble Shooting

Topics Taught:

  • Intro to the Process of Window Tinting
  • Tucking & Untucking Rubber Gasket
  • Film Handling
  • Different Framed Windows
  • Adjusting Patterns
  • Sliding Film Under Rubber Rail

Window Tinting Training

The window tinting industry offers a lucrative and in-demand business opportunity, making it an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting your window tinting business can be cost-effective, whether you choose a physical shop, offer mobile services, or operate from your garage. Our comprehensive window tinting training is tailored to pave your way to success.

Guided by a seasoned professional with over three decades of hands-on experience, our one-on-one courses are designed to provide not only technical expertise in advanced tinting techniques but also to unveil exclusive trade secrets and valuable tips.

During our intensive 2-day window tinting training, you’ll delve into every facet of the craft, gaining the skills to work with a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Even if you’re new to working with window films, this course is structured to equip you with the expertise and confidence needed for effective window tinting.

Window Tinting Training