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Glue Pulling Training

Master the Art of Glue Pulling Training for Paintless Dent Repair
Image of Glue Pullers and tabs on the hood of a white car.

Master Glue Pull Course

Approximately 30% of today’s vehicles face challenges with dent removal using traditional PDR tools. In 2002, Learn Dent Repair School pioneered glue pulling for Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR), revolutionizing the industry. Over time, the glue pulling technique has evolved, with the development of various adhesive tabs and specialized devices. What sets Learn Dent Repair School apart is that all these tools are provided at no extra cost in every Learn Dent Repair School PDR Training Program, including the comprehensive Master Glue Pull Course.

Paintless Dent Repair Training

Learn Dent Repair School has integrated comprehensive lesson plans into each PDR Training course, empowering you to master the art of glue pulling for a wide range of damages. In addition to our standard courses, Learn Dent Repair School offers two specialized options for MASTER GLUE PULLING. The first is our Online Glue Pull Course, and the second is our 1-Day Master Glue Pull Training Session. Becoming proficient in glue pulling is essential, especially when handling hail-damaged vehicles, and it can significantly boost your income. Many technicians often pass up lucrative opportunities due to a lack of knowledge and skills in this area.

Instructor Lee glueing a tab on a dent during instruction.

What You Will Learn:

Master Glue Pull Course

As evident from our approach, Learn Dent Repair School’s Glue Pull Courses are designed to elevate your skills, ensuring cleaner and faster repairs. Our aim is to not only make you a better technician but also keep you a step ahead of your competition.

While most PDR technicians excel in pushing metal with traditional rods, the world of glue pull techniques has evolved significantly. These advancements have reached a point where proper instruction and supervision are imperative to master this art.

Learn Dent Repair School is equipped with cutting-edge technology and expertise to teach you the latest techniques while utilizing the best products available in the industry. Our comprehensive training includes mastering the use of the mini lifter and slide hammer to tackle even the most challenging damage.

Embark on your journey in Paintless Dent Repair with our accessible online PDR training course.

Instructor Lee pulling a dent.

Course Curriculum Includes:

Hail & Door Dings

From hail and door dings to creases and pressure dents, you’ll utilize a variety of dent pulling devices. You will also work with different types of glue, each tailored to address various stubbornness levels and temperatures, along with a wide range of glue tabs available in the market.

At Learn Dent Repair School, we are driven by results, and our mission is to ensure that you complete the course equipped with the knowledge and confidence to outperform your competition.

Our Glue Pull Course is a focused 1-day program meticulously designed to help you hit the ground running. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to increase your income and confidently tackle repairs that you may have lacked the knowledge or confidence to address before the course.

Hail Repair Training

Glue Pulling Training