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PDR School Registration
for Paintless Dent Repair School

Contact Learn Dent Repair School at (800) 304-3464 to inquire about PDR Class availability and course schedules. Our dedicated PDR School Registration team is available anytime to provide professional assistance, answer any questions you may have, and help you get registered today.


To enroll in our Dent Repair Training classes at Learn Dent Repair School, only a 20% fully refundable deposit is required. Seize this opportunity to enhance your skills in a professional setting.


Payment is required in advance of the first day of class to guarantee a seamless registration process.

Payment Options

Learn Dent Repair School offers a range of convenient payment options tailored to your preferences. We accept all payment methods, including company checks, money orders, bank wires, and all major credit cards. Furthermore, we offer student loan opportunities upon application and acceptance.

What You'll Learn

Welcome to Learn Dent Repair School, where we specialize in shaping you into a master professional technician. Unlike other establishments, we prioritize your education and don’t divert your valuable time to retail operations or navigating busy freeways from one dealer to another. In our school, you’ll immerse yourself in the opportunity to learn and excel in the art of Paintless Dent Repair, guided by a highly experienced master instructor with over 31 years of teaching PDR. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism guarantees top-notch instruction and mentorship throughout your educational journey.

PDR School Registration

  • Paintless Dent Repair School will Demonstrate All Types of Dent Repairs
  • Explanation of the PDR Process
  • Tool Tip Location Exercises
  • Reading Dents with Your Dent Light and Dent Board
  • Description of Every Paintless Dent Repair Tool in Your Kit
  • Complete Vehicle Access Techniques for Identifying Low Spots and High Points Using Tap Down and Hammer
  • Repair Hail, Door Dings, Pressure Dents, Creases & Body Line Damage
  • Cross Checking Your Repair Utilizing Your Light or Dent Board from Different Angles
  • Body Panels with Large Curvature
  • Finishing Techniques Completely and Thoroughly Taught
  • Glue Pulling
  • Aluminum Repairs
  • Differences Between Foreign and Domestic Metals
  • Repairing Dents with Limited Access
  • Pressure and Release Techniques
  • The Use of Heat for Releasing Pressure
  • How to Price Your Work
  • Generating New Customers
  • Certification and Testing Free of Charge