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Alloy Wheel Repair Training

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Student airbrushing an alloy wheel for repair.
Student airbrushing paint on a repaired alloy wheel.

Alloy Wheel Repair Training

Alloy Wheel Repair Training: Learn how to effectively restore scuffed, scraped, and curb-rashed wheels with Learn Dent Repair School’s state-of-the-art training system. Our innovative technology enables quick refinishing of alloy wheels in less than thirty minutes, offering a seamless customer experience. Customize and repaint wheels in any desired color. Master alloy wheel repairs with professional guidance.

Alloy Wheel Repair Training & Equipment

Hail Repair Specialist Training: Learn everything you need to become a quality PDR technician with Learn Dent Repair School’s comprehensive training program. We cover hail account generation, pricing strategies, and provide insights into tracking the latest hail storms. Our program has successfully trained hundreds of technicians who have become highly skilled professionals in the PDR industry.

Hailstorm Damage Statistics:

  • Insurance claims for hailstorm damage increased 84% in 2014 from 2012 levels.
  • In 2014, there were 861,597 hail damage claims, up from 689,267 in 2013 and 467,602 in 2010.
  • Hailstorms between 2010 and 2014 caused billions of dollars worth of damage across the country.
  • An outbreak of storms in Colorado in June 2012 caused over $1 billion in damage.
  • Over four million hail damage claims were processed from January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2014.
  • The top five states generating hail damage claims during that period were Texas (640,823), Missouri (276,857), Kansas (252,490), Colorado (236,118), and Oklahoma (228,168).
Up close images of students sanding scuffs on a black alloy wheel

Alloy Wheel Repair Training & Equipment

  • 3 Days of Alloy Wheel Repair Training
  • Alloy Wheel Repair System
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Business Development

Learn to Repair:

  • Curb Rash
  • Gouges
  • Small Nicks and Dings
  • Scuffs and Scrapes
  • Corrosion and Color Fade
  • Custom Colors
  • Blending
  • Clear Coating
  • Personal Safety
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Techniques
  • Wheel Straightening Techniques
  • Alloy Wheel Maintenance
Wheel Repair Kit

Experience unparalleled convenience with Learn Dent Repair School’s comprehensive packages. We handle every detail of your training session, ensuring a stress-free experience. From organizing your airfare and hotel accommodations to offering airport shuttle service and daily ground transportation, we’ve got you covered.

Alloy Wheel Repair Training System

Alloy Wheel Repair Training System

Whether you’re eager to diversify your business or embark on a fresh wheel repair venture, our wheel repair system is your perfect companion. It’s not just about boosting your profits per serviced vehicle; it’s about leaving your customers utterly amazed. Picture their wheels undergoing a remarkable transformation, returning to a pristine “like-new” condition that will truly leave them in awe.

This business opportunity delivers an array of advantages, including access to cutting-edge alloy wheel refurbishment techniques. Moreover, your customers will applaud the significant savings over costly wheel replacements and revel in the dramatic improvement in their car’s appearance. Get ready to impress and profit with our wheel repair system.

images of wheel repair before and after

Alloy Wheel Repair

Learn Dent Repair School Alloy Wheel Repair Training System presents a holistic and thorough approach to kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey. Our immersive two-day training program for wheel restoration delivers profound expertise and practical skills. You’ll receive a comprehensive reference guide encompassing every facet of damage restoration, providing you with the essential tools. Our intuitive wheel refurbishing system, combined with hands-on practice on actual vehicles, guarantees impeccable repairs you can confidently endorse.

Enroll in our Alloy Wheel Repair Training at Learn Dent Repair School and embark on a transformative journey where you'll acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Gain invaluable expertise under the guidance of a certified wheel refinishing instructor through immersive, hands-on training sessions.

  • Master the art of achieving flawless paint matching for personalized colored wheels and access custom painting services to bring your vision to life.

  • Learn to repair curb rash damage, wheel dings, scuffs, and scrapes on alloy rims.

  • Restore the face and bead damage of your wheels with precision using our expert repair techniques.

  • Attain a comprehensive comprehension of alloy wheel repair training and refinishing methodologies, including alloy wheel restoration and wheel straightening for a comprehensive skillset.

Alloy wheel masked off, ready for air brushing on a repaired wheel.

Alloy Wheel Repair