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Would Using A Portable Battery Help?

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Car batteries charging in black and white
Car batteries charging in black and white (Photo credit: sduncan76)

Well of course it would. Otherwise, if in a shop with other PDR Technicians you will be running over each others cords. Not only is this horribly annoying but completely inefficient.


Having your own portable battery is the answer to this annoyance. If you’re working in a shop then most likely you will have a shop cart that holds your glues, lights, and all of your tools. If not working in a shop, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own electricity instead of hoping that your client has somewhere for you to plug in? Even if they do, will it be in close proximity to the car? All good reasons to invest in a 12 Volt battery.


Now you wonder what type of battery would work the best for what you need. The best type that would be the best for traveling would be a sealed gel cell type. This way you don’t risk the possibility of spilling the acid every time you take a sharp turn or slam on your brakes, which of course you would never.


The main three things to be concerned about is the weight, size, and capacity. So if the batteries are measured by amps, it’s as simple as figuring out how many amps you will use based on the equipment it’s being used for.


Unlike our cell phones batteries that should be allowed to run completely down to nothing once in a while, the 12 Volt battery being used for your equipment needs to be charged after each use. Never let them get below 10.8 volts or below 90% of their voltage.


A newly graduated technician would go a long way with such a set up. From the beginning you would learn how to pace yourself and quickly discover just how many jobs you can do in a day on one 12 Volt battery charge. Time is money and the more efficient you are the more money you will put into your pocket. If you haven’t signed up for classes yet then you should right now. Dent Repair School is waiting for your call.

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