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How To Sell Your PDR Services

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There is no doubt that there are more people who don’t know how to sell then there are that do. Learning how to sell is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to hone these skills, so be patient with yourself. Fear alone can paralyze your best efforts and cause you to run away from, instead of running to, potential customers. Following are some simple solutions to help you sift through the fear:

1.  Don’t Rehearse-Rehearsing will make you sound automated. Once you spill your guts on what you memorized, you will note that your potential customer is either not there anymore, or worse, they stayed and listened and then walked away, after telling you how awful you are. Queue cards and/or rehearsed lines separate you from your customer. As a salesperson, it’s your job to listen and let them lead the conversation. Discover their pain points and when the time is right, respond with what you think would be a good solution.

2.  You don’t have to try so hard-This is good news right? Yes, but only if you understand the point. The point being made is this: If you try too hard to relate to a persons pain points you will come off as being disingenuous. You don’t know them and if you act like you do too soon, you will lose them. Once you have built a relationship of trust, this would be after you have provided a service, you can slowly relate. Always keep it professional.

3.  Don’t Be a know-it-all-Your potential customer doesn’t care about how smart you are, they care about how you can help them in the immediate. No one is as impressed with your genius as you are, except for your mom of course. It is tempting to spill your guts when trying to earn a persons respect, because let’s face it, how will they know how smart you are if you don’t tell them?

The overall message of this post comes down to one word ‘Listen’. Do this one thing, and you WILL succeed. Contact us at “Dent Repair School” if you have any questions.

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