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PDR Technicians; Do You Have Basic Retail Sales Experience? We Do! Part I

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The majority of students that we train are men; as such, men generally don’t concern themselves with sales techniques or communication skills. This is a very hands-on industry and as such, if you were working for someone else, you wouldn’t need to know how to speak to potential customers or have any use for sharpening your communication skills. Most of the questions that we get about retail sales are coming from students that have already graduated. The reasoning could come from the fact so many of our graduates went from school to getting a great connection with Used Car Dealerships. These graduates were used to having so much work that they could barely keep up. However, with the economy struggling the way it was, Used Car Dealerships had to either close down or at the very least pare down their operations. This cut deep into the pockets of our PDR Technicians and they soon learned that they were going to have to go get business the old fashion way.

Just to be clear, these marketing skills are taught within the classroom environment prior to graduating but if you have not had to use them, you would soon forget what you learned. This series of posts is to help you get back on your feet.  In the retail market, we are fortunate that the services are generally very easy to sell. However, You are going to need to sharpen your marketing and sales skills  especially as it applies to speaking with insurance agents, body shops and more. You will also need to sharpen your skills to speak to potential clients. Throughout this series you will learn these skills specifically for a PDR Technician. Following will be the basics because that is the best place to start, right?

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