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PDR Technicians; Do You Have Basic Retail Sales Experience? We Do! Part IV

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Your honesty is paramount when dealing with potential customer’s. If you feel that you can’t manage the job then tell them that. Not all dents are something that Paintless Dent Repair technology can manage. If this is one of those moments then don’t pretend that you can do it. Just let the potential customer know the truth and suggest another option.

Since this post is about honesty, if you make a mistake while working on their vehicle, be honest about it. Let them know that you have made this error and that you will gladly fix it for them. Whatever you do, don’t pretend that everything is just fine and then let them find the mistake on their own after your services are completed. This will cause an automatic distrust in you and your services. After all, they already paid you and believed that what they were getting was professional work. Basically they will see you as a con artist. It’s in our nature to assume the worse. If however, you admit to the error, they are less likely to get terribly mad about it. They may even call you back for future repairs.

Finally, as it pertains to honesty, never ever quote the work at one price and then, while doing the work, try to up that price.  This may mean that you have to eat the difference but you will learn a very valuable lesson and learn to give a worst case scenario on the contract. Meaning, on your contract you may have to give two amounts, at least until you gain the understanding and knowledge needed to trust your initial judgment.

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