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PDR Technician: Go Where Others Have Been

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Blaze Never miss the opportunity to work in a specialty PDR market just because another PDR Technician has gone there and failed. It’s perhaps difficult to hear, but there are several techs, not from our school, that have in some cases, saturated the market with poor service and the nasty habit of never showing up to do the job. You may need to go in and blaze a new trail and trust me, if you just show up to do the job, you will have accomplished that. PDR Technicians that go into specialty markets stand to make a good chunk of change. Once you get your foot in the door, invite the customer to watch you so that they can see how it is done. Because this is an infant industry, most  customers or people in general will have no idea what you are talking about. You will have to exercise patience and describe what it is that you do. Oftentimes, technicians who don’t have any social skills will skip past the description and just do the job. You stand to lose any future work and referrals if you take that position. I personally know of a technician that is very rude to his few customers. When finished with the job he tells anyone who will listen what an idiot his last customer was. Never once did this technician take a long hard look at himself, and no surprise, he is no longer in the business but left a trail of people who have no faith in our industry. We need to be professional technicians. We are providing a service and if when you have finished the job, and you can’t confidently say that he will be calling you again or even better, will become your personal salesman, then you have failed, hugely!

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