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How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Your Business Part I

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There are some stories of Body Shops not getting any love on their websites. Not getting any love equates to not getting any traffic. Same can be said for going out and buying a super nice tuxedo and not having anywhere to wear it. What’s the point of getting a website if you can’t get people to go there? Well we’re going to take a look at this problem and some stories of fails and successes.

One such fail was realized by a body shop in Washington State that had their website up and running for just under three years and not generating the traffic they needed to substantiate the need for a website. They were buried several pages deep within the internet search results and their potential customers were simply not finding them.

This shop had to quickly consider their options and made the decision to add an online pay-per-click (PPC) service. Their digital footprint was lacking and their marketing strategies to date were useless. They launched their advertising campaign while concurrently pursuing their other marketing options aggressively.

By setting up their automatic advertisement on Google, after setting up their landing page on their website, when consumers search a set of relevant keywords, their shops advertisement pops up in their search results. There is a small fee associated with each click they get but the payoff is worth it to them as they have a substantial increase on site hits.

For this body shop, it took about a year to start seeing results but the long-term impact of the PPC campaign has been worth it. The ads cost an average of $2 per click and are generating just under 9,000 impressions, which is the number of times the ad was viewed, and just under 90 unique clicks per month. This equates to approximately $200 per month spent on the campaign, which to them is nothing compared to other options they had investigated.

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