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How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Your Business Part VII

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Eighth, you really need to set some limits with your PPC campaign as it can go crazy fast. Thankfully, Google has set up the option for you to set parameters on your ad account. Best case scenario would be to get several viable and productive leads, but if you can only afford $100-$200 monthly, you could find yourself well above that in a week. This would break you quickly if you were unable to do or sell every single job. You can maintain a consistent amount of money spent per month by setting your per click amount and your total monthly amount. You can always go in and raise it as business and income increases.

Ninth, making the right bid is key in PPC ads. If you are competing with other businesses in your area that are using the same keywords and paying more per click than you are, they will get preferential or higher up the list treatment. For example, let’s say that you have set your parameters to $2.50 per click and two other competitors have set theirs to $3.00, they will be higher on the list of ad search results.

So if a search engine delivers 10-12 results at a time, the ads are ranked on a number of factors, such as your overall PPC budget, bid per click and website quality compared to your competitors. Your ads will be served a certain percentage of the time based on those factors in relation to the number of searches performed for your services in your area. Bottom line is, the top positions are awarded to businesses with the highest budget and bid per click.

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