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How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Your Business Part IV

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Third, this time you need to consider when the best time to schedule your ads. This may be a trial and error for a while but with time you will see the pattern begin to emerge. You may find that weekends are best or evenings after work during the week. Watching these statistics is easy with Google as they provide you with the stats on your ad account. This will help you to fine tune your strategies and bring greater exposure and responses.

Fourth, you absolutely must update your website regularly. Your website and its wow effect is a critical selling tool that can work for you or against you. If your website lacks and doesn’t provide visual or quick and easy information, they’re just one click away from leaving your site. You will be spending money on clicks for nothing in return.

Your website should provide a professional customer experience with clear basic information that includes your phone number, valuable clean images and ends with a call to action. Your CTA should include a direct invitation to contact you immediately with a quote request. Make your CTA witty and catchy but again, highly professional.

Fifth, your site should provide convenience tools such as the quote request mentioned, electronic appointments which you will want to keep your appointments up to date daily to be successful and don’t forget a simple contact page in case they just want to ask a question before committing to an appointment. Just like you, most people in need of services, will want to make an appointment in the evening for the following day. Make sure that you are very clear about your availability and don’t forget to mention that if they are at work, you can come to them.

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