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How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Your Business Part III

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Following are some tips to help you get the most from your PPC investment:

Make sure that you choose the right provider for your needs. Generally speaking, most will start with Google when implementing a PPC advertising campaign. As a matter of fact, Google has about 65-80 percent of the internet market and for good reason. Google is trusted both by the advertiser and those online looking for your services. Your other options, once you have mastered your Google PPC is to go to other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, who don’t have the lion share of the business but who can add to your marketing experience. So it’s not instead of, but including.

Second, we’ve touched on this earlier, but using the correct keywords is paramount to your success. If you use vague or irrelevant words you risk the chance of wasting money and leading the wrong clients to your website and services. The right keywords will vary from shop to shop and PDR technician to technician so you will need to be specific to the services that you actually provide. Broad terms such as collision repair may lead your viewers to a body shop instead of your mobile services. You should concentrate your efforts and your money on more specific, niche words like mobile paintless dent repair, and other words that represent what you in fact do. You may, in addition to dent repair, do window repair or alloy wheel repair.

You need to think the way your client thinks and use words that you would anticipate your client would key into their search engine. Training yourself to think this way will gain you the exact client you are looking for. Industry experts will use words like mobile auto body repair, auto repair, collision repair, auto body and auto service.

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