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How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Your Business Part II

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With their over 90% closing rate on repair inquiries has put them as one of the top contenders in their market, in their area. For this body shop this means that they doubled their car count and increased their revenue to just over one and a half million annually.

For a PDR technician, you could imagine that your overhead is far lower than that of a body shop so the cost of running such a campaign is far less. You can still aggressively pursue your marketing strategy and easily have just as much success. You’re working on a much smaller scale. These PPC campaigns can be tricky though. If you aren’t committed to making the best of the opportunity, like creating a killer landing page or staying plugged in, this could effectively be another fail. You need to be able to close at a high rate, you must be quick to respond to inquiries and you must present yourself as a professional both online and personally. Don’t show up with your swim shorts and flip-flops and think that you will make the sale. Especially don’t show up with a can of beer to boot. You laugh but it has actually happened.

Using the correct keywords aimed at attracting local responses is really the trick to making PPC marketing strategies work. There are words that are geographically specific for your potential client base that you should consider. Let’s say you work in the beach area, you can use words that speak to that group. Try to stay within the professional keywords but if it helps someone to find you and you think they will key in the words to look for you, then use a word like beachfront, or south beach area. Whatever works for you and your business. By using a well-executed plan your PPC advertising will yield you high a ROI and one that you will be happy you invested in.

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