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Interior Repair: How To Make Your Mark

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The marks inside of vehicles is where we are going with this post. If you have just graduated from “Dent Repair School”, and took the Total Recon Package number two or three, then you will be quite familiar with how to manage Interior Repairs. However, if you took classes in bits then you will want to seriously consider adding the Interior Repair Package to your additional streams of income. The course takes two full days and what you walk away with is a serious solution to all interior issues.

The Kit and Training that you will receive is the most comprehensive kit available and nicely fits into provided cases which have been custom built just for your supplies. Everything needed to repair and refinish interior and exterior is included. For the interior you will be able to work on vinyl, leather, and velour. For the exterior of the vehicle you will be able to work with exterior plastics, urethane bumpers, and Euro blackout on the exterior trim.

Included is an Auto Match Pigment Toner Set also comes with forty-five of the most common interior trim colors. One of the most useful and helpful tools available to you is this Pigment Color Set because it eliminates the need to mix and match colors. This alone saves you an incredible amount of time and as any small business owner knows “Time is Money”.

You are able to fix any dashboard, armrest, seat, headliner, headrest, or door panel. This in total provides an excellent stream of income as well as a great income if you have not signed up for any other classes. The topics taught in this package are: velour, leather, vinyl and plastic, cigarette burns, scuffs in plastic trim, tears in leather or cloth, headliners, visors, and carpet renewal.

This is a Certified class and is well worth the time and effort. Just think of all of the opportunities this kind of training can afford you.

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