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Every Picture Tells A Story: What’s Your Story?

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Not enough can be said about the impact of pictures. We are a visual society as evidenced by the profound success of such sites as Pinterest and Instagram. We started with wonderfully creative photo albums or Scrapbooks and have, as expected, launched into digital visual stories. There is a assumed level of honesty with pictures as if it’s proof positive that something has happened. In the end, I suppose that is true.

Why not take advantage of the same benefits by taking many pictures of the process to perfection that you take your cars through. You can choose to make a video or take snapshots of each level of work completed until you have a perfect, finished product or, in your case, a car. There are two ways to accomplish this in the PDR industry, you can have a photo album or even better is creating a video display on your laptop. You can set it to music that is acceptable to all ages. Remember, you are not necessarily selling to one demographic. If you are, then perhaps you should consider creating a video display on your laptop addressing each age group by genre. For quick access you could put each video location on your dashboard and name each according to age group working with. For instance, one could be for 50-60 year old clients, another could be 20-30 year old clients and so on. Same video, different music. You could also choose not to have music accompany it altogether. That’s half the fun, it’s absolutely up to you.

The most important thing is to have your pictures tell your story and speak to your professionalism. I’ve mentioned this before, but you need to get the owner of the vehicles permission, have them sign off on it, and cover their license plate for security reasons. If you would like more ideas, contact us online at Dent Repair School where you will find many more helpful tips and ideas in our blogs or you could call us directly. Either way, we are there for you.

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