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Don’t Let Insurance Company’s Drive You Crazy. There’s Still Hope Part III

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insurance bullies

Perhaps the most effective way for all shop owners and PDR technicians to take control is to refuse. Refuse to work with such insurance companies as GEICO and Met Life who refuse to bend or compromise on pricing. Let your customers know why you refuse to work with these companies. Take the time to point out to them what other insurance companies are offering them for the same and oftentimes less than what they are paying at their insurance company. Point out to them what these subpar insurance companies want to pass off as acceptable. For instance, color sanding and buffing. Sharing these differences sets you apart and lets them know that their insurance company falls short. You won’t lose customers based on your principles, in fact with time, you will gain them.

If the collision repair industry would stand together and fight for their rights, then insurance companies would have no choice but to fold and change their age old methodologies. It’s about control, who controls you and your business? You or the insurance companies? Remain willing to work with them but at your rates and by your rules. Attempting to get the policy holder to pay the difference between what the insurance company is willing to pay and what the costs actually are heaps blame onto you, the service, as the money greedy, unbending owner. This action only further justifies the insurance companies push to get their customers to turn to DRP.

Provide a list of who you will accept both at the door and online on your website. You would be surprised at how many will actually change insurance companies for future mishaps. As of June this year, all insurance companies have found a way to compromise, all except GEICO that is. When a customer asks who they need to speak with at your business to get GEICO on the list, simply have them call GEICO and their adjuster.

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