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Dents Just Grow On Cars

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New cars are a dent magnet. It’s almost as if it’s the rule instead of an exception. They can be the tiniest of dents from a wayward rock or pebble, or even worse, they can be a really big rock thrown from the top of a bridge over the freeway. I’ve even had my son kick rocks at my tires in the middle of a tantrum and one tiny one makes it right on up to the fender. Cars are just not made the way they used to be. Back in the day, the cars had a heavy metal exterior, and it took a real act of anger to make even the smallest of marks. These days you would be best to tell your friends not to sit on your hood, your bumper, or any other outside part, like the trunk.

No matter how carefully one drives on the highway, side streets or county roads, your car will be damaged by stones. Now, if you are a newly graduated student of “Dent Repair School”, these dents are really good news for you. For the customer, your services provide their car with a facelift and for very little cash layout. You can probably get the work done for less than a pair of shoes for either a man or woman, and at their convenience.

You can also provide a list of tips that drivers should follow like not parking next to cars that have dents all over them, on a windy day, park away from other cars. The reason is that the wind could rip the door right out of their hands and slam the door right into your customers. Also, they should never park the car near the shopping cart drop off area, they tend to get loose and take a quick joy ride directly in the path of any car they can find.

These should be obvious ideas, but you would be surprised. At “Dent Repair School” you will be provided with cutting edge business management ideas and we will even help you to develop a great flyer for parking lots everywhere.

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