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Dancing Your Way Through Selling: A PDR Technicians Woe’s

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, selling your services is perhaps the most difficult part of being a PDR Technician. Not because Pantless Dent Repair is difficult to sell, but because men who work with their hands, have really not had the opportunity to sell anything. When it’s about you and the words you speak, there tends to be a loss for words, as disconnect. Listen to Danny who suffered from this exact scenario:

Danny graduated top of his class and was more than ready to get started in his new career as a PDR Technician. With tools in hand, Danny set off to find his first customers. He followed all of the business development advice the Dent Repair School had to offer, and felt pretty confident that he would have nothing but success. Soon however, he discovered that when speaking to potential customers, he would forget everything he should be saying and basically just fumbled through the entire experience. No surprise to him or anyone else, he was being rejected by everyone, even his friends. With each day, that Danny suffered through rejection, the more shut down he became. Considering the possibility of quitting, the thought came to him, that the one thing he was not doing with potential customers was listening.

He learned to ask questions and then allow the customer to respond, then ask another question based on their response. Because of this technique, he was able to direct the conversations based on their needs. He compared this experience to dancing with his customers. It was a back and forth dance and it payed off! He said “You have to give a little to get a little”, small and steady steps changed how he viewed the selling process and learned that he was actually pretty good at this dance.

No longer was he telling a sad story of defeat, but in fact, was for the first time, enjoying the dance. If you would like to learn more go online to “Dent Repair School” and let us know what you’re struggling with. We’re here to help.

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