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Creating Your First Website #2

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Creating Your First Website #2

The very first thing that you must do is to create a domain name. A domain name is a www.domainnamehere.com. You need to decide what you would like to be known as. Write each thought down to create a list to choose from so that you won’t forget any as the flood gates are opened and you’re a sudden domain name genius. You will want your domain name to be original, creative, and direct. it should be no more than two to three words long. The less words the higher the value if you should ever decide to sell the domain name in the future. Plus, unless your prospective client is able to click into the link to your website, they will have to type it in the first time visiting, if it’s too long they may forgo it altogether. Keep it short and memorable and you will be rewarded for your cleverness.

Once you have decided on a name you will need to register that name with a site such as Go Daddy and others. They will search the internet to be certain that no one else has the name and then give you that name or variations of that name if it is not available for purchase. You will be offered up endings like .com, .net, .org and more. For the sake of eliminating confusion, you always want to choose .com. If there is none available for the domain name that you want, then you may need to choose another name. Domain names generally cost between $12 – $20 dollars for a one year claim on it. You will be be billed annually unless you choose to release it.

The name, when choosing one, should be professional and memorable. For the sake of SEO, it should contain at least one keyword that relates to your business. As an example you could choose “www.joespdrservice.com”, “www.autoappearancespecialist”, or “www.joesdentremoval”. Once you have purchased your domain name, follow me onto the second post. Here at Learn Dent Repair, we’re committed to your success. Request our free brochure for more info.

Roger Haskell
Roger Haskell
My name is Roger, I'm a professional PDR technician working in the Paintless Dent Repair field for over 15 years. I love teaching others how they can improve their skills and increase their business.
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