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And the Beat Goes On! Body Shops and Insurance Companies at Each Other’s Necks Part II

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The shops that surround you are not your enemy. These are the same people that have the same dreams that you have of operating a successful shop. The fact that everyone gathered together for the meeting only proves that the situation is much bigger than any one individual or shop. It’s an outrage and the strength among many will prove to be greater than the strength of any or all insurance companies.

There are many advantages to starting an association, the least of which is taking back your business. The future of Louisiana repair shops lays in the balance and all small businesses must stand up. There are still many shops that are having a hard time wrapping their minds around State Farm’s PartsTrader Program but with that are the attempts made my insurers relating to labor rate suppression, refusal to recognize and compensate for procedures necessary to properly repair vehicles and one-sided DRP agreements.

These problems are bigger than any one shop can fix; it will take a community of shops and conviction to stand against insurance giants. Together and united one voice becomes many and the power of many can accomplish the goal. How Louisiana managed to operate under such an oppressive dictatorship is amazing. Not only did they manage to operate their business but some were actually successful. It’s a wonder though why no one stood up for their rights before now. To me it’s surprising that a lawyer didn’t see this happening and vow to avenge the oppressed. This is the stuff that careers in the legal field are made from. Where headlines are made and where heroes emerge. Yet, no one did. Again, this speaks to the chokehold that insurance companies have enjoyed. Soon though, if everyone bands together, the King will fall from his throne and justice will be had.

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