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Alloy Wheel Repair for the Car Enthusiast

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If you have ever met a true car enthusiast then you know that there is nothing they won’t do for their cars. Many take their cars to shows only and then store it in a temperature controlled storage space. However, there are those that love driving a sleek well-polished car showing it off every opportunity they have. It would be the latter that sometimes have issues with their alloy wheels. No matter how careful they are they still manage to rub up against a curb.

Alloy wheel repair includes the repair of scuffed, scraped and wheels that have curb rash. Any one of these things can make what is a beautiful car become an ugly duckling. It diminishes the appearance and value of the cars, so reselling at this time would not bring the money that the sale would have brought had there not been any of the outside ugliness.

Dent Repair School has twenty plus years in the industry and have created a very comprehensive Alloy Wheel Refinishing System that takes two days of training to learn. You will complete the training with a Certificate of completion and all of the supplies and equipment needed to walk out of your class ready to take your first customer. This is an incredibly simple training process and includes a reference manual detailing all repair for all types of damage.

Following is what you will learn as it pertains to Alloy Rim Repair, Wheel Refinishing, and Wheel Refurbishment:

  • Repairing of face and bead damage
  • Hands-on training taught by a certified wheel refinishing instructor
  • Custom painting for and paint matching for customized colored wheels
  • Curb rash damage, rim scrapes, wheel dings and scuffs
  • An overview of the wheel repair and refinishing techniques

Your customers appreciate the cost savings over wheel replacement and they’ll love the enhanced appearance it will provide to their car. Your customers will leave amazed and excited to share your information with anyone that will listen. If you haven’t signed up yet then you better get to it.

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