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Put these On The Back Burner When Just Beginning

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Put these On The Back Burner When Just Beginning

It’s quite easy to get fired up about your new PDR business and start tripping over yourself with bright and amazing ideas. The truth is, your vision is great and one to hold onto but now, right now, you need to spend your time developing your business with the sound sage advice that Learn Dent Repair has to give you. This advice is not meant to hold you back but to help you pace your success so that you don’t find yourself and your business upside down. the following are the things that should just be put on the back burner, for now.

1.  It’s sometimes better to start off slowly than it would be to take on a big account like the biggest used car dealership in town. The reason for this is because you can never take back the first impression you make and if you were quickly overwhelmed with many cars to do in one day, you may feel rushed. You may never have another chance to impress this dealership.

2.  Don’t spend necessary money on a sales team. You will need to pour yourself into this role for a time at least. Besides, who can sell it like you can?

3.  Don’t go too crazy on your website in the beginning. You simply add the bells and whistles as you grow. I would suggest hiring a marketing company like PDR Marketing Pros to design and host your site. They offer a package deal that is worth the price for a new PDR entrepreneur.

4.  If you took the Total Recon package with Learn Dent Repair you will learn quickly that it is best to start off using the biggest service which is the Paintless Dent Repair technology and then add the other later after your career starts to really take off. You don’t want to confuse yourself or your customer. Besides, more times than not it will come up in conversation once you have successfully completed the dent repair.

Roger Haskell
Roger Haskell
My name is Roger, I'm a professional PDR technician working in the Paintless Dent Repair field for over 15 years. I love teaching others how they can improve their skills and increase their business.
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