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The Great Aluminum Mystery; Ford’s 2015 Aluminum Alloy F-150 Part II

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The Great Aluminum Mystery; Ford’s 2015 Aluminum Alloy F-150 Part II

Ford Blueprint

With the changes that Ford has pushed to the forefront, this will mean that their is a learning curve that will not be spared for anyone. Whether you have been in this industry since birth or you just started and are still in school currently, there is not a living soul that this comes to in any other way than by training and making mistakes. You are staring at the face of history and change to an industry that has been relatively unmoved, except of course the addition of the PDR industry. This that has come now isn’t just a niche in the bigger market. This is absolutely life changing and ignorance will not be bliss. Ignorance or a sit back and see attitude will be your doom.

Understanding what you need, what to train for, what tools to use and what environment to work in will be the very thing that sets you apart from the rest. Research, study and grab every opportunity to practice and your learning curve will lessen. You must also know how to quote the work you are doing, how to plan for it, how long it takes. All things that must be considered.

Up until this point, you probably have in fact worked on an aluminum panel on a BMW or Jaguar. Even the Honda has aluminum panels. There is really nothing to fear but fear itself, right?

Another example of a historic change in the industry was seen when the strength of steel had increased compared to the mild steel being used at the time. There was a great deal of change that came, and with it came resistance. Spot welders were the rage and the increase in quality and production was nothing less than amazing. The only way that you stand a chance at surviving this change is to get ahead of it. How do you do that?

  1. As a PDR Technician you need to be sure you have the information. Fortunately for you, Learn Dent Repair has that information you need.
  2. Equipment. The tools you need are provided in your training.
  3. Training. The same is said for the training that you will receive.
Roger Haskell
Roger Haskell
My name is Roger, I'm a professional PDR technician working in the Paintless Dent Repair field for over 15 years. I love teaching others how they can improve their skills and increase their business.
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