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Free Tools For Small Business Owners Part V

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So what is the tool that I was talking about in Part IV?

  • Todoist-This may very well be the most important information that I am imparting onto you. This is the very best that there is in time management and organization. This will make your business and personal world go to places that you only imagined. An organized life is a productive life, says me. You can create task lists and group them under different projects. With an easy user interface and a very handy drag-and-drop feature. You can have access anywhere and at anytime on whatever device you are closest to. Todoist is available to you on 13 different platforms and devices. If all of this wasn’t enough, you can collect Karma points for every task completed. What?!! I love getting points for a job well done. If that’s not enough, there are charts to track your daily productively. This may be the one tool that addresses all of your needs and wants where you can see where your time is lost and prompt you to do better. You can collaborate with friends, family and customers if they too have Todoist, and you can do all of this on a streamlined, intuitive, and beautiful interface. The complete list of options available to you is online but just to name a few, you have Labels and Features, Multiple Priorities, Sub Projects, Color labels and features, and more.

Finally, one more that I would like you to consider is:

  • Streak-This is a Gmail plugin that allows you to implement as easy CRM system without leaving your email. You put each of your contacts into ‘boxes” and from there you can schedule send later emails, track emails to see if they have been opened, and you can send yourself reminders to follow up with potential and existing clients. Why not take advantage of something that frees up your time and opens up your curiosity. If you want to be in control of your emails, this is the way to go.

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